Weightless progress: An electric bike trailer for contemporary urbanites

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An electric, single wheel, detachable bike trailer designed to encourage an emission-free commute

Referencing the German word for ‘one’, the Biomega EIN is the first of its kind. An electric, single wheel, detachable trailer. Conceptualised and designed for Biomega, by Questtonó Manyone.

The EIN is a unique accessory for the modern urban lifestyle. With sleek Scandinavian design and lightweight materials, the EIN was designed to make an emission-free commute the simplest of choices.

Seamless, hassle-free mobility is essential to a busy urban life. Bearing a family resemblance to the iconic Biomega range of mechanical, e-bikes and cargo bikes, the EIN features a sleek, white, monocoque capsule, which can accommodate either a couple of kids or cargo. Whether it’s for family or cargo, the EIN conveniently adapts to any need. The intelligent, rechargeable digital motor detects motion in the bike and responds with its own power, in proportion, creating a ‘weightless’ cruising experience. In other words, more assistance when needed and no assistance when you don’t.

Attach and detach

The EIN single wheel trailer comes with a universal latching system that can be attached just beneath the saddle. Standard toddler seats can easily be fitted to the trailer and custom foam seats also allow for multiple configurations suited to your needs. The simple and safe locking mechanism means you can cruise with ease, knowing that the e-trailer is secure and will only detach when you decide. It is conveniently designed for multiple users: drop your kids off at school in the morning, park the EIN securely and let your partner pick them up in the afternoon.

Built to be seen, built to be safe

Lighting and visibility are integral to Biomega’s bike designs. As such, the trailer comes with two regulatory reflector badges and reflective bands on the sides, making the trailer visible from all directions.

Seated inside the trailer in the regulation approved seats, you can safely commute without worrying about your kids releasing their seatbelts. Built to comply with strict industry standards, the casing of the e-trailer is both durable and visible.

To reduce weight, price and the use of materials, the EIN is built for simplicity with no unnecessary parts included in the design. Easy on the eye, the trailer has a detachable battery pack, rubber lids, a single arm and attachment tube linked with the internal aluminium frame and a double PP shell. The double kickstand allows easy parking and the wheel is the perfect fit for a standard bicycle.

Fully funded and award-winning

The Biomega EIN was launched as part of an IndieGogo campaign in 2021 and fully funded in less than 24 hours. Additionally, it was recognized for its innovative design with a GOOD DESIGN® award, the oldest and most prestigious design award in the world.