Brand building for an innovative startup in the insurance market

Insurance startup brand

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Startup Justos innovates auto insurance and has a human brand strategy that is close to people

How to differentiate a brand in an industry as traditional as auto insurance? This was the challenge we faced in building the brand of Justos, an innovative startup in this category that proposes a new business model that promotes and values ​​safe driving among people.

A business capable of revolutionizing the market needs to have a powerful and differentiated brand. And for that, at the beginning of the construction process, it was important to know what this brand was not: it was necessary to escape the more conservative language of traditional insurers, and at the same time differentiate it from the standardization that many of the new insuretechs end up falling.

Brand building strategy

With this challenge in hand, we applied our proprietary Quest methodology, an agile innovation process that helps companies to tangible insights through prototyping and validation.

Meet our approach to prototyping and concept validation

We carried out a sprint that involved the teams of Visual Design and Research & Strategy to build the brand.

We soon understood that Justos asked for a more human and emotional language, that would truly connect with people. “The insurance brand needs to evoke a lifestyle in which you are comfortable to live. And Justos does this by talking about a way of looking at insurance that goes beyond just being insured or not: it is about a lifestyle in which insurance is part of it ”, says Nicole Alfieri, researcher and strategist at Questtonó Manyone.

For the construction of the visual identity of the brand, the style of illustration chosen had a fundamental role. With its main reference coming from the universe of comics, language builds a relationship of comfort and affection that encourages you to do things safely, and not to make them afraid.

“What we tried to do was to break the paradigm of this type of brand, with illustrations that cause a‘ friendly strangeness ’. While traditional insurance is difficult to understand and has many intermediaries between brand, insurance and people, we brought a sense of responsibility for what you do, which brings more safety and trains more prudent drivers ”, says Thiago Marques, Head of Visual Design at Questonó Manyone.

Startup innovates in the auto insurance market

At the end of the process, we deliver a brandbook complete with the brand identity. It contains the value proposition, the purpose, the visual and verbal identities, as well as communication developments, such as the company’s website.

The construction of the brand consolidates the startup Justos as a new benchmark within the market, stimulating a new way for people to drive and deal with auto insurance.