A multidisciplinary consultancy, we provide services that span from strategy to execution, all through an agile and collaborative process.

Leveraging our diverse skill sets, we meet clients at various moments throughout their business’ journey to materialize novel solutions and enhance innovation initiatives.

Meet our product offerings:


We must understand the present to build the future. Through in-depth investigations of user behavior, we deliver CX diagnostics and opportunity maps for companies that support the development of new businesses, brand strategies, products and services.


A 2-week multidisciplinary innovation process, we focus on ideating new products, services and CX strategies. This is particularly useful for companies that seek product or market expansions as well as redefining and improving CX for all actors.


Quest is an agile innovation process that helps companies conceive tangible insights through prototyping and validating with real users. In just 4 weeks, we work with them to create solutions, develop prototypes and test solutions to generate insights for pilot programs.


The ignition process transforms concepts into real businesses. Whether it’s physical or digital products, services or brands, we go from strategy to business design, to deployment.

In the fast-paced nature of modern society, it’s critical to always be thinking with one step in the future. In 2019, we brought to the team the creative technology studio, Bolha, which has added an entirely new range of AI, XR, and IoT capabilities for us to offer our clients.

We believe that the most impactful experiences are only possible when conceived as a whole, rather than as isolated parts.

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We combine design and technology with an in-depth knowledge of human behavior and brand strategy to build complete experience ecosystems, combining physical and digital products and services.

We use a variety of tools and methodologies to uncover opportunities to develop more humane futures.

From Hong Kong to São Paulo, New York to Copenhagen, we are designers, strategists, researchers, developers and makers, thinking and doing as one.

We work across sectors, cross-pollinating learnings to deliver unexpected solutions:
Who we work with

Our clients range from early-stage startups to Fortune 500 companies. We love to tackle all kinds of challenges to help businesses become more design-driven. Some of our select clients and awards include: