Enter the Max Door

Enter the Max Door

A Door for the Connected Home
industrial design

We put together design and tech to create an experience for one of the main aspects of a home: the entry door

We were invited to create an experience to bring a new housing concept led by MaxHaus, a real estate development where the client sets up his own apartment layout.

We diagnosed the experience behind a home’s entry system and found that it works as a filter, where the owner defines he wantes to stay in and out of home.

We applied design and technology skills to make this experience more relevant, creating a custom doorbell, card holder, remote control and an acoustic isolation system that the user can control from his cellphone.

Maxdoor has become a business card for this venture, which today has more than 40 buildings. In addition, it won a Gold medal at the 1st Idea / Brazil Award and a Bronze at the IDEA International Design Excellence Awards.