The future of work for Natura &Co

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Creating a hybrid work model strategy for a cosmetics giant

It doesn’t matter how big or how established a company is – from time to time, everyone needs help navigating new realities. Natura &Co has been a leader in the beauty world for decades as the largest beauty company in the world, with a market cap of USD $ 12.4 billion. But in order to maintain relevance, it’s necessary to look internally to define what the future should look like.

Natura reached out to Questtono Manyone a few months into the pandemic after learning from an internal survey that over 90% of its team members did not wish to work at the office full time again.

As one of the top-ranked companies by World’s Best Workplaces 2020, Natura & Co has always prioritized the well-being of its employees, knowing its workforce is an undeniable part of its success. 

The company is no stranger to adapting to their employee’s needs – they pioneered offering free childcare for its employees, and now, they entrusted Questtono Manyone to bridge practical solutions for internal structural change.

The new future of work

It became clear early on that a hybrid model combining both home and on-site offices was not only desirable but necessary.

The question then became: how do we design a completely new and unprecedented model to accommodate over 18,000 employees within a complex ecosystem that spans numerous sectors?

Answering this first question triggered different ones, such as: when will this new reality be implemented? What should employees and employers expect from it? And how can we best take advantage of this new hybrid work model without compromising productivity, employee well-being, and more?

A toolkit for transformation 

To structure and strategize practical outcomes with quick turnover, Questtono Manyone embraced this project as a co-creation effort, involving Natura &Co leadership throughout the entire journey. We began with several workshops with employees and team members from the administrative department as an internal pilot, figuring that once our method was validated, we could scale to other departments. 

After concluding 8 workshops with over 300 people, Questtono Manyone established a guidebook to transform the company’s working culture into a new reality. The framework presented to Natura & Co provided tools and instructions for bridging the gap between the present and the future of their company. 

Beauty comes from inside out

Following our “strategy led by execution” mantra, Questtono Mayone’s delivery led to radical impacts. 

Our guidebook came to life by molding the leadership approach, priorities, and culture. Now, for instance, the company makes sure that everyone operates under technological and structural equality, granting every employee access to a fully functional laptop and high-speed internet. 

We implemented what we call the “golden rule”, which aims to preserve and nurture people’s mental health. Too often working from home turns into “never unplugging”, and it is important that we actively work to protect the boundaries between work and home with new routines.  

These efforts have led Natura & Co. to deeply consider a massive culture shift towards giving its workforce complete autonomy to decide when and how they want to work  – a radical shift for the corporate world.

By May of 2021, over 5,000 workers on the administrative payroll are being impacted by these solutions appointed by Questtono Manyone. Our project brought a simplified blueprint that embraces the workers’ journey, prioritizing health and well-being all while inspiring a professional and autonomous environment.