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Um Oásis no Bar
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Developing a new business model for serving draft beer at bars

To improve a business’s CX strategy, it’s important to understand and design within a system of experiences. In collaboration with AB InBev’s innovation team, we developed Oasis, a pilot program dedicated to improving the draught beer consumption experience in bars. 

In order to create an impactful new business model, we needed to develop a new service that incorporated digital and physical elements. The final design was a beer kiosk that allowed customers to pour their own draught beer, freeing up the bartenders to work on different services. 

CX to merge physical and digital experiences

Oasis’ origins began at one of AB InBev’s global innovation meetings set to identify new opportunities. What started as a hypothesis was soon validated through field research conducted by our team. 

Customers want to receive prompt service at crowded bars, and dealing with payments increases the workload of the bartenders. By offloading some of the draught beer orders to customers that could self-serve, bartenders could focus on different bar services. 

But there were obvious complications with our concept. Most people do not have experience pouring draft beer, as well as the obvious need to make sure that only people of legal age have access to the tap. 

To solve this problem, we integrated gamified tutorials to fill glasses within the kiosk as well as ID scanners to ensure the customers age.

A new consumer experience in bars

Once the customer journey was defined, we designed the entire product and produced working prototypes to deploy for pilot in Sao Paulo. 

The results were extremely positive. Customers were happier because they received faster service. Bartenders felt less rushed but received the same amount of tips, and bar owners were able to increase their nightly revenue. 

When all key players are considered, design can improve everyone’s experience.