New Original beer can design

Bringing the Bar Home

We took one of Brazil’s most traditional drinks from the bar to people’s homes with Original’s new beer can design

The work led to a new consuming opportunity for Original beer

How can we bring one of Brazil’s most traditional beers to in-house consumption? In this creative challenge, our partnership with Ambev led to a new consumption opportunity for beer lovers. We redesigned Original beers brand strategy to amplify the brands market share, expanding into new markets.


User-centric design

In a scenario where beer consumers interact with such a vast variety of products, their favorite brands must be accessible both in the bar and on market shelves. By doing this, brands improve their user experience and strengthen the bond with their customers, making it easier for them to buy it again.


Creative challenges

We were challenged to design a new strategy to bring this heavily associated bar beverage for in-house consumption. Original beer’s new beverage design should connect itself to the brand’s identity, carrying the visual codes and symbols and linking it to its bar tradition.


Creative solutions

We created an immersive process alongside Ambev’s suppliers to identify possibilities for the development of the new beverage design. We mapped visual codes and symbols linked to the bar tradition, in addition to conducting qualitative research in São Paulo and Recife to better understand these consumers. With that information, our Graphic and Product Design teams applied this knowledge to the final delivery.

The final output was a new package design for Original, including the can design and secondary packaging. The format brings new functionality to the product but maintains its familiar visual codes. This delivery completes Original’s brand universe, a traditional, democratic, Brazilian beer.