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Bringing Artisanal Into the Frozen Aisle
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A rising concern with customer experience is transforming the market and retail must follow suit

When it comes to food, presentation is everything

A multisensory experience for burger fans

A rising concern with customer experience is transforming the market and retail must follow suit. Stories that dialogue with people and humanize brand propositions are key to the evolution of this approach. Bearing these changes in mind, Wessel, a pioneer in the gourmet meat industry in Brazil, invited Questto|Nó to develop the brand positioning and language for its new line of artisanal burgers.

When it comes to food, presentation is everything. Renewing the language with a more authentic approach was crucial to broaden value perception of the new line, but mainly to bring it closer to a larger context in which the role of food in people’s lives is changing. In addition, packaging presents the challenge of introducing a new product in Brazil: burgers with a blend of ingredients, with new aromas and flavors.

We immersed ourselves in blogs and channels from the gastronomic universe to help us tell a new story. Fueled by references, customs and representations, we defined the design strategy and directed the photographic production of Angelo Dal Bó.

This process was translated into images that create an affective atmosphere, which conveys a more sensory and comforting experience. The dark mood, with a focus on food, proposes intimacy without giving up sophistication.

“The idea of this artisanal line came from a desire to consolidate a brand positioning that elevates the consumer buying experience. The photographic direction had an essential strategic role, because it captured the language of ComfortFood, which combines rustic atmosphere and dim lighting in order to convey intimacy and warmth. When we started evaluating the packaging proposals for the craft line, we liked them so much that we decided to review the classic line as well, and we already have a third project in the pipeline”, says Titi Wessel, who is in charge of creative direction and product development at Wessel.