Warm experiences

Warm Experiences in the Home

A systemic design approach in order to build an essential part of Brazilian homes: the kitchen

We've updated a well-conceived design concept to deliver an user centric experience

Our houses work in a systematic way: each space has its function, and when we add things up, it becomes what we call ‘a home’. Such logic is also found in Design: When we project living spaces, we are creating experiences able to make our homes feel at the same time friendly and functional, ensuring they’re fully connected to the lifestyle of the residents.

In order to develop the four new lines of household appliances for Mueller, we faced the challenge of updating an already well-conceived design concept. We began a research process based on findings from field trips in states of three different regions of Brazil – (Mato Grosso, São Paulo and Rio Grande do Sul, where we analysed how people relate their eating habits to the cooking itself. From that, we understood that the kitchen is a space of ‘care’, where meaningful family interactions are promoted through food.

The discoveries exceeded our expectations, helping us to create a complete strategy and the positioning for the new products with a portfolio restructuring, focusing on reinforcing Mueller’s core value: delivering innovation by setting the user as a priority. From the process, three cooktops; Questo, Sapore and Soneto, and two electric ovens; Decorato and Decorato Gourmet, were created. One of the innovations added to the Decorato Gourmet was an intuitive touch screen panel.

The project received the prize of ‘Best Household Appliance Product Design’ at the Brasil Design Award in 2018.