Design Service Offers


By assessing challenges, complexity and demands, we reach project-by-project agreements, defining schedule and resource plans for a set price and delivering pre-established outputs.

Monthly Commissions

Clients who require intense work regarding numerous challenges and wish exclusivity within the industry might opt for our yearly plan. This choice includes the total devotion of a qualified design team to work in-house, prepared to care for demands of multiple projects over the course of our relationship.

Design Sprints

We manage creative workshops that favour the discovery of new opportunities and the revelation of new creative lenses. Our production and prototyping abilities enable us to build and express new ideas as a team, arising tangible results during a one-week long tailor-made immersion programme.

Quest: the Agile Journey Programme

The Quest Journey is our most agile and energetic design service programme. It consists of an innovation project designed to renew and prototype new ideas nimbly, quickly transferring them to market assessments and pilots. The purpose of this 4-week procedure is to ferment ideas rapidly and bring them to life efficiently and in no time.

Ignition: a Start-up Venture

We know how valuable Design is for a start-up in the making – top-end Design has proven itself crucial for companies’ fast growth and accelerated resource funding. However, professional support is often out of reach for these young businesses. So, as a consultancy, we partner up with these start-ups, developing clear value propositions and deciphering exceptional experiences for new customers. We dedicate our skills to bloom both brand and product strategies, through devices, apps, services and brands through this type of design service.