Meet Luciano Araújo, our AgTech specialist

Navigating the intersection between consumer food&beverage and AgTech


If you think technology doesn’t have a longstanding relationship with the food we eat – and at every point from field to fork – then bite your tongue! From meatless meat and eggless eggs, roughly 80% of the food we find on our grocery shelves didn’t exist 100 years ago, according to neurosurgeon doctor Larry McCleary.

Scientific and technological innovations have always paired well with product design and user experience. At Questtonó, we are beginning to bridge the gap between our food & beverage expertise and our technological partners to challenge the way we think about consumption.

The Secret Sauce Source

To help us navigate the intersection between consumer food & beverage and AgTech, Questtonó partnered with Luciano Silveira Araújo, the founder and CIO of Elio Technology, a startup that uses robotic vehicles to enhance crops’ health and empower farmers to make optimized decisions.

Using artificial intelligence, infrared sensors and other technologies, farmers can scan their fields to provide quality images and real-time recommendations, forecast harvest yields, produce 3D field models and soil assessment.



On the field: For Luciano, the future of food will be a result of how we are able to respond to global demands

In 2014, Elio Technology won the MIT Pitch Competition and has piqued the interest of farmers and AgTech professionals in over 70 countries. This paved the way for Araujo, who is also an architect and urban designer, to become the head of MIT Bootcamps in Brazil, offering mentorship to entrepreneurs venturing in the sector.



Elio Technology matches sattelite images with AI resources to analyze and optimize crops

From his position, Araújo can see it all very clear: The future of food will be a result of how we deal with these topics and how fast we are able to have responses compatible with the demands… Some projections suggest that the world will count 10 billion inhabitants by 2050, and we need to find a sustainable way to provide food for all of them”.

We are so excited to welcome Luciano to the team as we seek out sustainable Food Tech solutions for the planet.