Questtonó announces merger with technology studio Bolha

Tech-driven design expands business opportunities


Levi Girardi, Nagib Nassif, and Leo Massarelli, now CEO, CTO and CCO at Questtonó, respectively. Photo: Maria Julia Brito

Design and innovation consultancy Questtonó has just announced a merger with Bolha, a technology and digital solutions studio. The move represents an expansion of the products, services, and experiences both companies provide, to match the ongoing technological revolution that businesses face.

For Questtonó, this change represents its own business model, focused on delivering complete and innovative brand and Customer Experience (CX) solutions, exploring different creative scenarios and also implementing them. With this merger, Questtonó acquires new, tech-driven skills and amplifies its potential to match behavioral changes in society and also creating after them through systemic design.

By integrating Bolha, Questtonó adds to its deliveries new skills such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), wearables, and augmented and hybrid realities, which strengthen its core Consumer Experience delivery.

To Levi Girardi, CEO at Questtonó, technology amplifies the potential to innovate, however, it is only relevant if it applies to a greater understanding of culture and behavioral knowledge. “We are able now to connect our ability to comprehend people’s needs to new technology, to create even more relevant and integrated solutions for brands, products, and services”.

“This movement from the two companies consolidates what we were building for Bolha, amplifying our offers and connecting it to design”, says Nagib Nassif, CEO at Bolha and now the new CTO of Questtonó.

Both companies are already working side by side, however, Bolha is still working separately with some of its clients until the integration process is concluded, set to be out by 2021.